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Pens with scrimshaw technique

Bone carving on Pendors® pens

Scrimshaw, or bone carving, is an 18the century technique from the Hawaiian Islands that requires a firm hand, a firm vision and subtle movements. The artist has no room for error, as each small scratch will be forever visible on the deer antlers or the warthog tusks after painting. 

The value of Pendors®  pens comes from dedication. Commitment to the material, the technique and the result. Pens made with the scrimshaw technique spend long weeks in the hands of their maker. By the time the pattern is finished, an invisible bond is formed between the maker and the pen, knowing every millimetre of the pen body.

Pens made with the scrimshaw technique demand humility and precision all the way from turning to the phase of finishing the scrimshaw pattern. The reverence felt during the process of making and the result is simply unrepeatable.

The price includes:
  • one pen,
  • a piece of leather case,
  • a certificate of origin and
  • the messenger costs.


  • Made from moose antlers, decorated with scrimshaw technique (blue-white): HUF 145 000
  • Made from warthog tusks, decorated with scrimshaw technique (white): HUF 320 000