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Pens Made with Diamond Powder

Game of Changing Colours

Diamond Powder applied by professional crafting, and being combined with premium internal mechanisms. This triplet ensures the exclusivity of pens decorated with diamond powder. They sparkle and glitter like movie-stars on the red carpet.

This pen fits those personalities who stand out in the crowd. It is impossible to disregard their assertiveness and stylistic brilliance, the same way as it is impossible to notice a pen crafted with Diamond Powder infused acrylic, and not make a comment.

The pen-barrel is available in various colours so therefore each attractive person can find the pen best fitting their personality. Its owner will admire this writing instrument for years to come due to its mysteriousness.. As a result of different light conditions and the shimmering of artificial and natural lights, the colour of the pen will change its shades. When holding this pen, one is filled with the joy of revival, since the pen’s colour ever changes just as we people do.

  • Compatible models: all types, all models
  • Price: from HUF 45 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.