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Pens Decorated with Feathers

Meeting of Eras

Feathers have been used for millennia to decorate various ornaments, jewelry, and clothing. The sorts of feather used tells us what its owner would like to express. Is it Strength? Perhaps Wildness? Or maybe Kindness? It only depends on its owner. This is the reason why I have fallen in love with the idea of pens decorated with wild bird feathers, as countless things can be expressed with them. The colours of the feathers determine the look of the writing instrument. It can be reserved or ostentatious.

Feathers and the pens used nowadays have a joint purpose. The mission of both is to enable inscribing words on paper, although in different eras. It makes me excited when I craft a pen decorated with feather, since a device of bygone days unite with a new, modern, premium quality object. Long gone days move into the heart of modern days, which is a wonder of continuity in itself.

The feathers that I use are in all cases carefully selected from already moulted feathers, therefore the original owner is not subjected to any harm.

  • Compatible models: Mistral (ballpoint pen, fountain pen with ceramic refill), Leveche (fountain pen with ceramic refill)
  • Price: from HUF 54 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.