Pendors forgacs szines


Colourful Swirl

Power of Colours

I have been looking long for a material that meets the high-quality requirements of Pendors Pens. A material that can bring out the cavalcade of colours that dominate in me as well as in the world around me. I use acrylic resin for the models of the colourful swirl because this is the material that grants the liberty that is necessary for me to create vigorous pens sparkling in fascinating colours.

In the process of crafting a pen barrel in flaming red acrylic resin with black ring and black clipper, I could hear the faint rhythm of the tango inside me, and almost saw the slip of the dancer’s frilly skirt. A red pen barrel combined with orange? Well, in the crafting of this style I am reminded of memories being back in the ‘80’s, of the memories of my Grandmother’s living room decor, classic retro.

We tend to be grey too often and join the queue established by social expectations. Colours help us to exceed our limits or break through the presumed or real borders. Colours have power. They are everywhere, we just need to notice them. On the birds’ feathers, on the waves of the Danube, on the blushing face of children, on the falling leaves, in the blossoming flowers or on the paws of our pet. Those who are really brave, carry colours on their skin and reveal to others when they decide to do so.

Just as Nature plays with colours, I play with the colours when I craft Pendors Pens. This is how I can arrive at endless association. This effervescent lust is the reason why my pens can express Beat, Rock & Roll, Retro, Starry Sky, Roaring Seas, Love or Enticement. The colourful swirl of Pendors models mean a multitude of associations whose secret is in your hands.

  • Compatible models: all models
  • Price: from HUF 39 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.