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Antler and Tusk pens

Calm and strength

Antler pens

Antlers are the headdress and weapon of the deer bull. Nature, like so many things, has perfected the shedding of antlers to an exemplary degree. Every year, from mid-February to about mid-May, the males shed their old antlers and grow stronger, larger ones in their place. At this time, they lose the weapon that gave them their confidence and dominance. This is nature’s way of forcing male deer to rest and gather strength in order to be stronger and more powerful for the mating season. Watching nature, I am always amazed at how much we humans could learn if we learnt to pay more attention. To listen to nature, to our instincts, to our intuition. Sometimes, just like the deer, we need to retreat and gather our strength in order to experience significant moments in the future.

When I observe nature, I search and seek for new opportunities. I’m pen craftsman by blood, so when I saw an antler, I knew immediately that I would have an excellent source material. It’s a beautifully workable, timeless material.

For me, a pen made from antlers of the red deer represents the perfect balance between a time of exuberance and a time of inner peace and tranquillity.

Compatible models:any model

price:from HUF 60 000

Tusk pens

The warthog is an animal species native to Africa. Seeing its distinctive tusks, I knew I wanted to capture it in pen form. Tusk is a stronger material than wood or acrylic, so it requires extreme care to tame the material. When I work with tusk, I know I am creating a worthy memorial to the members of nature. A pen made from warthog tusk will remain a pen forever, preserving the memory of nature’s magnificent specimens.

Compatible models:any model

price:from HUF 60 000