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Mistral Fountain Pens

A faithful companion

The Mistral’s barrel is available with four completely different mechanisms:

All four mechanisms fit this tiny pen barrel perfectly. Only the personality of its owner could decide which of these fits his or her needs the best.

A perfect combination of gold, silver and wood prevails in this fountain pen. I name it a faithful companion for two reasons. On the one hand, the Mistral is smaller in terms of its form in comparison with the average fountain pens, thus it can easily hide in the pocket of your jacket or in your bag. On the other hand, the meeting of the cap and the barrel reminds us of a wedding ring.

The Mistral fountain pen will faithfully accompany you in the most important moments of your life. Affixing your signature to your doctoral dissertation, sealing the wedding oath, or the completion of the papers at the birth of your child, events that cannot be deleted from the memory. These invaluable moments can be connected and preserved by a fountain pen. If after long decades when, on a hot summer evening you have a look on this fountain pen, you will feel again the weight of these moments. A pen crafted by hand from premium materials is in fact “only” a device. Events fill it up with life and complete its mission.

I dare to recommend this pen to everyone. The premium quality nib distributes ink perfectly on the paper. The colours of the metal parts can be combined to satisfy your taste.  I craft this type of pen from acrylic resin, fine wood or from TruStone.

  • Length: 13,3 cm
  • Weight: 38 g
  • Price: from HUF 62 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.


Instruction for use

Useful information for using the cartridge and the converter!