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Gatsby Pens

Perfect Duality of Sloppy Elegance and Soft Lines.

Its metal parts form unparalleled harmony either with wood or acrylic resin or TruStone. Each and every piece reflects the “American Dream” of the 1920s. Its ergonomic hand-friendly shape attracts curious eyes.

The Gatsby feeling:
A glass of whisky. An excellent cigar. A Gatsby.

Gatsby is like an excellent cigar. Its owner is absolutely aware that life-long deals are made in the sweet fragrance cloud of a cigar smoke. This elegant pen is a perfect device for sealing these moments.

It reveals at first sight that the work of diligent hands enables the joy of its use. This unique pen is smaller and more vigorous than its companions. The distinctive form is coupled with high quality materials and the result is a premium quality, unique pen in our hand. Gatsby pens strive to achieve perfection just like the owner of a good cigar. This unique form represents unstoppable evolution and casual elegance at once.

Traditional twistable model, compatible with Parker refill.

  • Length: 12,9 cm
  • Weight: 42 g
  • Price: from HUF 33 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.