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Cyclone Fountain Pens

Unconventional Details

At first glance, Cyclone is a sophisticated, elegant pen. It is characterised by quality materials, beautiful curves and matching colours.

However, if you take a closer look at the details of the pen, you’ll see that the Cyclone has a rebellious touch.  It says no to the world of traditional shapes, but at the same time keeps its consolidated lines. Its twistable cap is the first element that sets it apart from its peers. A curved writing mechanism fitting the fingers perfectly and a triangular nib with an elongated, spherical tip follow the line. The closing part of the cap enhances the range of geometric elements with its beautiful, downward tapering flange. I can image its male owner as someone, who would choose a pair of mismatched socks for his flawless suit. The female counterpart would be someone, who says no to high heels and wears loafers and a brimmed hat with a trouser suit. They are both such individuals, who can wear and represent this rebellious style.

The couples of the Cyclone pens represent sophisticated boldness in life.

  • price: from HUF 67 000


Instruction for use

Useful information for using the cartridge and the converter!