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Bigben Pens

Written Words Carry Real Weight

Robust, vigorous, determined appearance that conquers you within a second. Its imposing barrel carries a material that is worthy for it. Let it be wood, acrylic resin or TruStone, when we hold this unique pen we realise that all our written words have weight.

A rendezvous between a unique pen and a personality matching it.

When crafting a Big Ben pen, at first, I am just holding a piece of wood in my hand. And then with each crafting process I get closer to the final form, so the mission of these special pens takes shape.

When an exclusive Big Ben pen finds its matching personality, it results in a strong handshake and indicates a determined character and self-confidence. Big Ben pens really have their place on robust oak conference tables, where contracts affecting the lives of many are executed. In decisive moments, the owner of the Big Ben pen feels deep in his heart the weight of his decision – a decision that flows along an invisible thread into his hand and finally to the tip of his pen. Knowledge, struggles, energies invested are transformed into written words.

Traditional twistable model. Compatible with Parker refill.

  • length: 14,1 cm
  • weight: 50 g
  • Price: from HUF 39 000
  • The price includes:
    the pen,
    a leather case,
    a certificate of origin and
    the messenger costs.