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Are you captivated by the unique world of wooden, acrylic or TruStone pens? I can assure you that I help you to find the piece that fits your personality the best.

Please select a type from among the eight unique barrels and indicate the type of the material you prefer. Wooden variants can be crafted from 60+ years old wood and you may also request unique engraving on the metal parts of the constructions.

Completion of the Order form does not entail any payment obligation. Its purpose is only to notify me of your interest. Upon completion, I am going to contact you and will e-mail you the photos of pens corresponding with your ideas. Also, we will coordinate via e-mail the place and the time of the delivery.

A warranty of two years is given to the mechanism.

    Pen features

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    Crafting is not a lonely process. I am proud of my partners with whom we craft more beautiful pens.

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