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I have had my eye on Pennonia inks for a long time. I met Máté Bikfalvi, the creator of Pennonia inks, during a pen meeting. After a few minutes of conversation, it became clear that Pendors pens must also include inks. The joint work with Máté is fascinating, as a result of which I was able to enclose colors inspired by nature in glass.

Pendors Pennonia Logo rovas

Nero’s eyes

Pendors nero ink
Pendors nero szolo

In the case of blue ink, naming was the biggest dilemma. The ink wasn’t ready yet, but if I closed my eyes I could almost see it on the paper. People usually associate the word Nero with the colour black, but I was enchanted by the colour of a Hungarian grape variety, the Nero grape.

When designing the colours for the Pendors inks, I knew right away that I would match the classic blue shade to the colour of the grapes of the Nero grape. That’s how I created the ink named Nero’s Eyes, a blue shade appearing a little like deep purple in sunlight.

Purple of Cegléd

Pendors cegledi bibor barack

Every ripe fruit shows the artistic vein of nature. The perfect colour transition, bending from orange to ashy red.

The Cegléd Purple ink has been formulated to reflect exactly this orange-red hue on the paper. The sunlight reveals a myriad of shades in our writing.

Pendors cegledi bibor ink


Pendors nandina ink
Pendors nandina noveny

In autumn, the leaves of the Japanese sacred tree Nandina take on a very special, tired purple hue I wanted to make an ink with a darker shade, and that’s when I thought of this plant. Pendors has always been about unique trends and this is no different with these inks.

The Nandina ink is a deep purple colour with a slightly smoky greyish tinge. It looks grey in cloudy weather, but the sun’s rays bring out the purple.

Red Tip Photinia

Red tip photinia is my favourite plant. The colours that nature has hidden in this plant are amazing. When it buds in the spring, its leaves are flaming red, and over time you can see a slight bronze tinge. 

In creating the red ink, I aimed to create a bright red colour that would predominate when writing, and then, when dried, would reveal a subtle bronze hue. I’m proud to say that this ink matches the colours of the plant that gives its name perfectly.

Pendors korallberkenye nov


Pendors pendors ink1
Pendors balta

Every piece of tree is a miracle. I was always fascinated by the colours and patterns of the different species. I knew I was at the beginning of the journey. The first step to handcrafting pens started with woodturning, working and loving the wood.

When I decided that the Pendors brand would include not only pens, but also inks, I knew that the Pendors name would be exclusively brown, symbolizing trees. That’s how this particular deep brown ink was born.



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