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The Dame in Red

The noble Grande Dame of Pens

I have been thinking a lot of the crafting of the Dame in Red pen because it seemed so unattainable. Just like the dames of the 19th century who drove men mad and took the one into their graces who won the last of the duels. During crafting I myself fought my battle in order that the Dame in Red could be finalised.

If we would be able to turn back the wheel of time, I am sure that the fountain pen named the Dame in Red would appear at the end of the 1800s in the hand of an aristocratic woman, in those times when wives of men of the upper-class used their intellect as well as their inherited power and upbringing for achieving their goals intriguingly.

The pen named Dame in Red is crafted from red jasper TruStone, this is why it perfectly fits a woman who is noble and clever in her soul. The reddish jasper mineral radiates altruism and modesty and exhibits fire.

The ornament of the barrel is the ring made from 18-Carat white gold with a black diamond in the centre. There is also a white diamond on the clipper and this is how balance is established just like in the case of yin and yang. This Mistral pen was crafted with an 18-Carat yellow gold nib that guarantees the perfect visual appearance of the writing.

I dreamed this pen into the hand of a person who is successful, noble and generous. I do believe that the world is take forward by characters demonstrating similar virtues and I know that the Dame in Red will be their faithful companion.

The Dame in Red comes in a handcrafted leather case harmonised in colour, decorated with the Pendors label and a diamond on their deserved place.

Features of the Dame in Red:

  • Red jasper TruStone barrel
  • 8.14 gram 18-Carat white gold parts
  • A barrel ring of black diamond 2 mm in diameter, VS clarity
  • The clipper has white diamond 1 mm in diameter, VVS clarity, Top Wesselton quality
  • 18 Carat gold Bock nib
The price includes:
  • one pen,
  • a piece of leather case,
  • a leather zipper pen case,
  • a certificate of origin and
  • the messenger costs.
Price: HUF 1 150 000