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Adapts to hand shape

Ebonite, as a raw material, has shown from the very first processing that it can work wonders. Once I had experienced its behaviour, how it could be drilled, turned and sanded, it became a true love material.
Ebonite is actually a hard rubber that has been used in various fields since 1852. Processability is just one aspect when selecting a raw material. . It is of much more importance, how it feels in your hands. The touch of ebonite is not harsh at all, but it gives a very friendly feel. The body of the pen adapts to the temperature of the hand when writing, thus ensuring harmonious use even during prolonged writing.

The ebonite pens named P52 are special in several ways. P, because Pendors. Available in a range of beautiful colours, it can be used to make custom Pendors pens to suit the customer’s needs. 52, because faith brought me together with this material in the fifty-second year of my life. Each P52 pen can be adjusted to the hand shape of the future owner. They can be made with a 14-18 mm diameter body, in tapered or cut design. This way, the resulting P52 pen will be in perfect harmony with its new owner.

Price:  from HUF 85 000


Instruction for use

Useful information for using the cartridge and the converter!