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Orphan Girl’s Hair

Virginal Innocence

The girl, accompanied by soft piano music, steps down the decorated stairs with innocent, trembling steps. Her features are beautiful, her cheeks are flushed with peach blush. She has chosen her most elegant dress for the occasion, her décolleté adorned with carefully chosen family jewels, on which the light of a candle breaks mysteriously. This is how I imagine  a social event that was highly respected until the beginning of the century, namely the entrance of the debutante.

That’s why I named my Abalone shell pen “Orphan Girl’s Hair”. It exudes virginal innocence with its modest shimmer and refined lines. 

The newly introduced young girls were expected to have similar values: beauty, charm, health infused strength for life and starting a family, and wealth.

This is also symbolised by the Orphan Girl’s Hair. The Abalone shell as a raw material gives it beauty and charm. The metal parts ensure strength and longevity. And the wealth is represented by the 2×2 mm black diamond set on its tip, located in the centre of the cap’s base.

Features of the Orphan Girl’s Hair:

  • Barrell made of Abalone shell
  • 2x2mm black diamond set on its tip
  • 18 carat white gold ring
  • gold plated bicolour nib (interchangeable on request)
The price includes:
  • one pen,
  • a piece of leather case,
  • a certificate of origin and
  • the messenger costs.
Price: 690 000 HUF