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Dark Knight

Inherent Power

The Dark Knight for me is the alpha and omega. The beginning of everything is in his mysterious pattern. I can see in it the intricate root network of old oak woods; through which the trees support and nourish each other. I see the energies – unimaginable on a human scale – that burst forth in the big bang to which we owe our lives. And I see the network of blood vessels in our bodies, the neurological network of our brains, or the complex connections between our cells.

The pattern of the Dark Knight is so enchanting and thought-provoking that I often wonder, I’ve been watching it for long minutes, pondering: on things in the world, on life, on the energies around me.

The colour black symbolises simplicity, while gold is a symbol of the primordial power that flows into a pure environment. The white and classic yellow gold ring with its white diamond colour harmonises perfectly with the unique design.

The Dark Knight thus becomes a symbol of elemental, ancient power.

Features of the Dark Knight:

  • 8,14 gram 18 carat yellow gold parts
  • Mistral model in truestone material
  • 3 white diamonds in the barrel ring, each with 1,8 mm in diameter
  • 18 Carat gold Bock nib

The price includes:

  • one pen,
  • a piece of leather case,
  • a leather zipper pen case,
  • a certificate of origin and
  • the messenger costs.
Price: 1 150 000 HUF