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The visual aesthetics of writing was decisive even centuries ago, this is why goose or swan feathers were used most frequently, as these feathers ensured the conditions necessary for comfortable writing.

A nib as such is a negligible part of the pen’s body, however, it is its quality that determines our relationship with the pen. Each of the Pendors pens has a nib of excellent quality, which guarantees the invisible interrelationship between paper and ink. The task of the nib is to evenly distribute ink on the paper and ensure comfortable writing quality. In the case of Pendors pens this is a requirement that could be satisfied exclusively with nibs of high quality.

The price of all pens includes the price of gold-plated bicolour nib.

Should you wish to make your Pendors pen more extraordinary, you may select a nib from the German made Bock brand.

Prices of available Bock nibs: (red, black, rose gold, gunmetal) HUF 12 000 Ft / piece and (18 carat gold) HUF 80 000 Ft / piece


In order that the pen uniquely crafted for you could be properly stored or handed over to one of your loved ones,

you can select from various accessories. All pen cases, let it be a single pen case or a zipped case, are handcrafted. They are made unique by precise seams, detailed uniform stitching, and a branding logo.

Leather Case

A case apt for holding one pen, which closely embraces the pen crafted uniquely for you.

Depending on the material opted for, Pendors pen may glow in all colours of the rainbow, therefore I dreamed up cases of various colours and materials for them. It can be made of leather or synthetic material.

Price: HUF 6 000

Zipper pen case

This case is suitable for holding two writing implements. It has hard front and back flaps and zip teeth that smoothly unite. Instead of the usual metal tab necessary for opening and closing, a Pendors logo is supplied, made of appropriate material.

Price: HUF 15 000

Decorative box

This decorative case is suitable for storing even two pens and secures the pens to their soft bed with a silk ribbon. Should you wish to make the memories of this gift last forever, a unique engraving can be crafted inside. The openable case can be locked with two metal buckles.

Price: HUF 19 000