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About me

Pen Craftsman

Why the pen?

Because its making is love. Let me tell you about this love.
I consider myself a creative person, as I have been a part-time gardener for 20 years. Gardening was a love too, but from November to March I missed creating.
Therefore, I searched for new ways, and luckily, I found my new hobby in turning. For a year, I just made bowls to learn how to hold the knife correctly. I was constantly looking for new challenges, I made teetotums, bottle stoppers and then came my first pen. Oh yes. It requires total attention, needle precision. I have to pay so much attention while making pens that I forget everything and everyone. I completely switch off. The phone may ring or my puppy may bark, I just focus on my pen. I love that feeling.

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During the grinding process after turning, I keep caressing the pen to get it perfectly shaped. This is the most important process in the whole pen manufacturing process. process. It’s like a mating dance. It’s a fantastic feeling to see how the material changes and you never know what veining, patterns or colours will emerge. I’m always amazed.

Of course, on some occasions   I don’t like the outcome. But it’s okay. I start all over again. Another search for a suitable piece of wood, cutting, drilling, turning and caressing sanding with love. I know, it seems incomprehensible what’s so great about making the 323rd tube serving as the base of my pens. But I wrote it down at the beginning. It’s real love.

My friends have told me often that I should hire a talented salesperson to take the burden of selling off my shoulders, but I don’t see the point. I make my pens, I sand them, I oil them, I wax them, I put them together and I caress them. No one else can tell you about them like I can. (These words come from my customers.) Perhaps others are shocked by the fact that for me, selling as many pens as possible is not the most important thing. The process of creation, the relaxation it provides for me and the end result are much more important. I never considered mass production, because that would not be me. I like to get to my machines and start making pens when I feel like it. This way I can turn and create for pleasure.

Nothing can happen at the expense of quality. I must not, will not allow this to myself.

The number of people, who use  Pendors  pens and return for a second, third or fifth pen is constantly growing. That’s why I’m constantly looking for new materials to learn from, to show new things to my old and prospective customers.

I hope to be able to exchange 8-12 emails with you soon when you order your first Pendors pen from me, because collaborative design is an essential part of pen making.

Best regards from the pen maker:
Sándor Pethő